At W, we aim for global preeminence in three areas of precision fabrication: product quality, production efficiency, and customer value. If that sounds audacious, it’s because it is. Here’s how we do it.


Is three-pronged and persistent:

Best-in-class technology

Modern manufacturing is high tech, and tech evolves quickly. We evolve with it, continuously investing in leading-edge equipment and equipment training. Over the past 24 months, we have upgraded or replaced nearly every mission critical aspect of our facility.

Accommodating best-in-class tech takes space. In fact, W maintains some of the country’s largest naval sea manufacturing facilities, extending 185’ under crane and spanning 451,000 ft2 of floor space.

That space multiplies the impact of our immense machining capabilities, enabling W to execute large-scale orders in parallel, rain or shine. W technicians focus on precision, undistracted by wind or glare; customers enjoy lower risk, shorter lead time, and greater scalability.

Our on-site access to rail, road, and deep water transit increases final product optionality. By eliminating delivery constraints, there is almost no job too big for W.

Domain expertise

While technology makes our work possible, the expertise with which we deploy it sets W apart. Executing precision fabrication means continuously upskilling while maintaining exacting consistency. W invests in knowledge development, cross training, and certification to assure products of unsurpassed quality, scale, and value. An ingrained culture of ongoing learning puts our workforce among the most certified and credentialed in the industry.

Once completed, W’s new dedicated training facility will support ongoing employee training and cross-training in welding, fitting, inspections, programming, and management.

Obsessive process optimization

We have a thoroughly optimized process from receipt of order to delivery of the finished product at our customers doorstep using our Lean Philosophy and our Vision of always bringing First Time Quality to our Customers.

The Process Begins with our Manufacturing Design and Process Design Engineers. These talented individuals create an efficient job process breakdown, visual shop aids to support an easy visual build process and our Process Design Engineers to create our internal Digital files to cut, machine, shape, prep and finish our metal ready to deliver to our teams.

From there our Fitter/Welder/Quality teams follow the detailed job process while tracking progress with our ERP system. These teams consistently own their outcomes and the success of their individual teams. Once done they hand off to our blast and paint team who professionally finish the product and make it ready for shipment. A final inspection, close out of the work and delivery to our customer via truck, rail or barge.

Our process involves teamwork, consistent application of proven processes and a culture of continuous improvement.

Quality, efficiency, & value

That’s how W’s process optimization translates into customer advantage. Learn more about the value W can build for you.