Located in Goose Creek, SC, W International is an advanced metal fabricator dedicated to serving our people, our clients, and our country.

Who we are

W is a family company representing generations of Americans unafraid to roll up our sleeves.

We believe we serve our clients, our people, and our country best by remaining grounded in the highest standards of ethics and integrity. That’s why we lead from the front, practicing continuous learning, transparent communication, fair-minded accountability, and willingness to reevaluate our assumptions throughout our organization.

Happily, we’ve found practicing these values makes W a great place to work, too.

How we contribute

W’s range of precision weldments includes critical assemblies for some of the world’s most complex systems, including Columbia and Virginia-class submarines, Ford-class supercarriers, and other advanced systems. Serving defense, energy, and aerospace clients, we are proud not only to serve our country’s protectors, but also to contribute to global ecological responsibility.

Our passion for continued learning expands to our local Charleston, SC community. Off-campus, we partner with local high schools and technical colleges, sponsoring classes, and offering career development opportunities through apprenticeship and applied learning programs that serve area students and adult learners alike.

On-campus, we are building a major new training facility. Once completed, it will serve not only as a community-facing jobs training center, but also as dedicated space for W employee learning across the areas of welding, fitting, inspections, programming, and management.

Where we're going

From humble American roots, W’s origins stretch back through decades of industrial innovation. But W isn’t about the past. We’re laser-focused on advancing the future of American innovation. This future will require cooperation and knowledge across the public and private sectors. W’s in depth knowledge of metal fabrication perfectly positions us to contribute to a sustainable and strong future. Together with our clients, we will lead the future of advanced manufacturing across the defense, aerospace, and energy industries. W goes to work every day to build tomorrow.


There’s no tradeoff between duty to country and service to community. We are passionate about continuous applied learning, and we bring that passion to our community.

Edward J. Walker
Chief Executive Officer
Matt Hines
Chief Business Officer
Jim Logan
Michelle Fowler
Chief Administrative Officer
Mark J. Schmitt
Chief Operating Officer