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When mission success is imperative

W International is a metal fabricator devoted to supporting our nation’s armed forces. We are especially proud to contribute to US Navy submarines and surface vessels.

Superior solutions

Defense and commercial clients trust W to reliably execute and deliver complex, large scale weldments. Precision manufacturing destined for any element; land, air, sea, and space – We got this.


A family company, proudly serving those who serve.

We represent generations of Americans unafraid to roll up our sleeves. At W, excellence isn’t corporate jargon. From a basis of absolute integrity, It means doing right by our people, our clients, and our country.

People of W

We are engineers, technicians, machinists, inspectors, metalworkers, and scientists dedicated to manufacturing America’s future. A close-knit group of doers, we are determined to responsibly develop ourselves and deliver for our country. Sound like you?

Meet Hunter: Welder II

Recently engaged, Hunter enjoys fishing and barbeque with his family. When W International first came to Charleston, two family members who work at a hiring agency encouraged him to apply. He’s grateful he took their advice. “I enjoy the work environment at W International,” Hunter enthuses. “I love being able to work inside, not being rained on like previous jobs. I also like the work itself. It’s different from any work I’ve experienced and always interesting”.

Hunter joined W International as a Welder one year ago, and has already moved up to Welder II. Reflecting on his career trajectory, Hunter is “excited” for the future, remarking that W International has already afforded him opportunities to expand his skills while earning steady and competitive income.